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As a Church of England Primary School, we teach the Somerset Agreed Syllabus for RE as is the legal expectation of all state schools and this covers the major world faiths, including Christianity.    

Church Schools were established,since 1811, for everyone - that all children may access a high quality education and flourish as individuals.  This approach continues and is supported by the  2016 Church of England vision for education that promotes education for knowledge and skills, hope and aspiration, community and living  well together, dignity and respect - all underpinned by key Christian values.  

West Monkton's school values, help us achieve our vision of 'life in all its fullness', are based on the words of St Paul: 'The fruits of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control' Galatians Chapter 5.

Like any good schools, Church schools will offer the best education - academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural, whilst also enabling children to be aware of and increasingly understand, the history and narrative of the Christian faith, enabling and equipping them to be informed as individuals in order to make personal choices in their own lives.

Church schools will demonstrate their distinctiveness through visual and interactive elements including Christian symbols, Bibles, reflection areas, prayers, crosses and collective worship that is distinctly Christian.  We also have positive links with local churches, our Pioneer Worker, community and our Diocese. 

In 2012 the Chadwick report said that Church Schools should offer 'A distinctive Christian ethos based on Christian Values'. 

In 2016 Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, said Church Schools should offer a Christian approach to education not an approach to educating Christians.












































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