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Government PE and Sports Grant

The Government gives each primary school funding to improve PE and sport provision. At West Monkton C of E Primary School, we will receive £16,000 + £10 per pupil this academic year. The money will be used to improve PE and sport provision across the school. This funding will be spent to enable West Monkton to provide a quality sports provision across the school that encapsulates the curriculum requirements and also offers a wide variety of sports that makes it fun for all.  As a school we are committed to ensuring that we engage all pupils in the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle through choices, and also introducing an element of competitive sport that encourages pupils to push the boundary on their performance capability. To further determine where this funding is best spent, an audit of our current provision has been carried out and areas of development identified as detailed below.   These areas will be targeted throughout the academic year 2018/19.

‘Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer’ (Department for Education, 2017).

Objectives Actions Impact
To provide opportunities for inter competitions. Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership Buy In ·       Children will have increased opportunity to participate in physical activity.


·       Y5&6 children will attend Gifted and Talented and Leadership enrichment days.

·       Children will have increased opportunities to be physically active in both competitive and non-competitive events (Central Venue League events).

To provide a range of extra-curricular activities.


To provide opportunities for intra competitions.

Employment of PE Coach



·       On-going professional development for staff to lead PE confidently.


·       ‘Non-active’ children have been identified through monitoring attendance at extra-curricular clubs.

·       Children will have a range of extra-curricular opportunities available throughout the year.

·       PP children will have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular activities.

·       Profile of PE raised through social media publications, notice boards, sports reports and on the school website.

To invest in a tracker tool to monitor how many children are active in school. Absolute Education subscription



This has helped to monitor participation levels in extra-curricular activities and identifying ‘non-active’ pupils. Subsequent interventions have been organised to target the identified focus groups.
To ensure all children can swim 25m. Swimming Lessons All children in Y3 will receive swimming lessons to ensure that they can swim competently, confidently and proficiently for a minimum of 25m. Some children will be taught to use a range of strokes effectively.
To provide high quality equipment for curricular and extra-curricular PE. Resources Equipment will be replenished to improve the quality of sport and PE. New equipment will also be purchased in response to pupil questionnaires.
To demonstrate that physical education is only part of a healthy lifestyle. Premier Sport




·       Offers children (Y2–6) access to fun and inspiring lessons based around the fundamental principles of staying healthy; eating well; drinking well; moving well; and sleeping well.

Sports and PE at West Monkton are made accessible to all.  We work year on year to enhance this provision and bring as much fun and enthusiasm on to the playing field as possible.

Physical Education at West Monkton Primary School.

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