Approach to the Curriculum

Our curriculum planning is underpinned by the values of the school. Essentially this is based upon the Fruits of the Spirit; our worship foundations.

Below each of the Fruits are linked Christian Values and British Values as well as other synonyms to allow flexibility for thematic planning.

There are six grouped values and six half terms. For each half term, curriculum planning would fall under the title which derives from our church values. This is an important aspect of curriculum planning as it ensures that the school’s church-based vision and ethos underpins our educational purpose.

As part of a planned approach to the year, Summer Term PDMs allow half term themes to be planned in advance of the year. Half terms could be entitled with the main ‘fruit’ e.g. “Love” and be combined with a British Value or Christian Value e.g. “tolerance” to make a half term theme of “Love and Tolerance.”

The school follows the 2014 National Curriculum