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Why it is important?


At West Monkton we aim to be an inspirational community, ‘where everyone has the courage and confidence to fly.”’, is supported with clear aims and objectives, with a biblical foundation in Galatians 5 V22 : ………….the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control .
Explicit Christian values are embedded in our school life and are confidently articulated by staff, pupils and parents. The nine core values are well understood with a clear expectation that they will be witnessed in the lives and actions of the children and staff. The values are given a secure Christian context through worship and developed through follow up work in class and practical daily actions in school. They are used frequently to encourage wider community benefit, as well as rewarding individuals for demonstrating them in their lives.
Parents appreciate the balanced focus on Christian values and the positive impact this has had on their children who they know are listened to, cared for and guided well.
The school promotes positive relationships that have their root in the Christian foundations of the school. There is a strong focus on meeting the needs of all individuals, and our families, giving good community support and involvement. The basis of this is the uniqueness of each individual made in the image of God, with the security, acceptance and reassurance this brings to enable each to develop their potential.