Parent Board

Parent Board Aims and Objectives
We aim to provide maximum opportunities for families to participate, reflect on and share their experiences and views of the school. Parent board provides a platform for families to be directly involved with school improvement. 
Parent board meet once a half term and each meeting has a school development focus as well as being an opportunity for families to raise concerns or celebrate success. 
Year Group Representatives

Nursery: Tammy Hazeldine, Kelly Dunn (Amelia)

Yr 1: Louise Hampshire (Toby), Njideka Bedford-Fubara (Angela), Lucy Paull (William), Svetlana Ballantine (Maxim)

Yr 2: Amanda Quick (Ezra), Kate Van Iwaarden (Maya)

Yr 3: Lucy Paull (Rosie), Svetlana Ballantine (Milana), Kelly Dunn (Jake), Louisa Hampshire (Bella), Lisa Southgate (Ava)

Yr 4: Tammy Hazeldine (Efrem), Kelly Dunn (Isabelle), Michelle Woolcott (Marney)

Yr 5: Julien Kislingbury (Eliana), Michelle Woolcott (Danny)

Copies of meeting minutes 2019-2020