SIAMS - Church Inspection

West Monkton CE VC Primary School is an 'Excellent' Church School!
Key findings
• The vision inspires leaders and staff to use research to find innovative and creative approaches to meet the needs of all pupils so that they can ‘fly’. The school is seen as a centre of excellence in a number of areas.
• The religious education (RE) leader has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, supporting staff in a number of schools. However, pupils’ understanding of how different faiths influence people’s actions in global communities is less well developed.
• Leaders are passionate about the work of this Church school, making decisive decisions to support pupils and families through outstanding pastoral provision.
• The vision informs the rich relationships the school has developed, extending the experiences it offers to pupils. Excellent relationships with the diocese have led to the innovative post of a pioneer worker, enhancing work between the church, school and community.
• The robustness and quality of the school’s monitoring and evaluation strategies are exceptional. The governors’ ethos team and staff are fully involved, leading to a relentless drive to improve.
Areas for development
• Extend the school’s links with global communities so pupils can give evaluative accounts of how different faiths influence people’s lives.
• Ensure high quality opportunities for reflection are planned which enable pupils to articulate their understanding of the spiritual and ethical dimensions of questions and issues.