West Monkton Safeguarding Team

West Monkton Primary School recognises that high self-esteem, confidence, supportive friends and clear lines of communication with a trusted adult helps all children, and especially those at risk of, or suffering from, abuse.

 Therefore at West Monkton School we have:

  • An ethos where children feel secure and encouraged to talk, and are listened to. This is evidenced everyday through school values.
  • Established that pupils know there are adults in the school who they can approach if they are worried or are in difficulty.
  • Included in the curriculum activities and opportunities for Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education which equip students with the skills they need to stay safe from abuse and which will help them develop realistic attitudes to the responsibilities of adult life in Modern Britain.
  • Ensured that wherever possible every effort will be made to establish effective working relationships with parents and colleagues from other agencies.

The Safeguarding Team at WMPS

 West Monkton School takes its safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously.

All staff and volunteers at the school receive annual child protection and safeguarding training and are aware of the processes to report concerns about children.

If any members of the school or local community have concerns about the welfare of a child, they can pass it onto the Safeguarding Team here at West Monkton School.

The team consists of key staff who work with the children and families. They are clearly identified at the Academy by their rainbow lanyards.

Mrs Louisa Blackmore is the Designated Safeguarding Lead at West Monkton School, Miss Gemma Maxwell is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school and the Safeguarding Lead for Little Herons Nursery. Miss Abbie paling is the Deputy Safeguarding Lead for the nursey and Mr James Blackmore is a competent person on site should none of the above be available.

 Below is the whole team with contact number for the DSL and DDSLs.

Mrs Helen Newstead

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Newstead is the school's safeguarding lead.

Ms Stacie Phillips

Nursery Manager and Nursery DSL


Stacie is the Nursery manager and acts as the DSL for the nursery.

Mr James Blackmore

Headteacher (Competent Person)

Mr Blackmore is the school's competent safeguarding person in absence of Mrs Blackmore and Gemma Maxwell.

Miss Abbie Paling

EYFS Lead/Deputy DSL for Nursery

Miss Paling is the school's EYFS Lead but acts as the Deputy DSL for the Nursery and for the school in the absence of Mrs Newstead.