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Welcome to Year 1's Home Learning Page...

Hello all, 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Easter break and the lovely weather. Mrs Lawrence and I would like to thank you again for all your efforts last term, we have loved seeing all the amazing learning activities and are excited to see more.

As you will be aware Monday 20th April marks the start of the summer term for schools. Mrs Lawrence and I  hope that it won't be too difficult to get back into a home learning routine - if there is anything we can do to help with this, please let us know. Recently, there have been two new learning platforms released by the BBC and the government that you may wish to use (links are below) or you may wish to continue using the Virtual school that will remain open during the school closures.

We will also be uploading regularly to ClassDojo. We would like to keep in regular contact with you during the school closure, so please keep checking your messages on Dojo and reply when you can.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Lawrence via Dojo.


Best wishes,

Miss West and Mrs Lawrence

 Virtual school 
The Virtual School have many activities, work booklets and ideas to do with your child. They will be resuming posting daily activities from 8th June. 
 Additional activities for the week!
Writing a recount - with the gloriouos weather many of you may have been out and about on trips or having special times in your gardens or homes. The children can pick a day or activity to write about. 
In their writing the children need to remember to start each sentence with a capital letter, end with a full stop and include spaces between words. They may also use time conjunctions in  their writing (first, next, after that) to help sequence their recount.
Below is a snap shot sheet would could help the children get their ideas and then a border you may use to help write the recount. 

As times goes on we have had a number of messages asking for advice about supporting children's reading now our usual 'book changing and phonics games' aren't available. There are 2 main areas to reading decoding the words and understanding the meaning of texts.

Books and resources to support decoding words
Here are the links to the sites which are offering 'free' ebooks. They are great at providing opportunities for children to read books they can decode themselves but on the screen.
Harper Collins:

Click on the Teacher portal and enter username: and password: Parents20! And click Login

Oxford Owl:
Also there are many reading opportunities on the various phonics websites. Reading words and sentences can be a great way to learn to decode words if some children find texts or books too long. 
Phonics play is the main website we use in school and has great games on it...
Reading for understanding
Comprehension activities can be facilitated in many different ways ...

If you have an 'Alexa' she will read a variety of bedtime stories you can listen to and talk about after. There are question ideas inside the covers of the children's reading record books. 

Love Reading for Kids have developed a range of materials on their website including polls and
competitions :

The Book Trust has a great range of things to offer:

Reading is all around us and does not have to be limited to books ... can the children help read the shopping list, the ingredients on the back of a packet, the instructions for a game, the subtitles on a TV show or words in a just dance song.

Most of all model reading - read outloud when you can and share and talk about books and characters!
I read a lovely quote recently which said ...

"Reading provides an escape into other worlds during lock down!"
Useful free websites for KS1 children; 
Class Dojo
Although learning opportunities have moved to the 'online virtual school' we will still be using Dojo daily to communicate with you. 
Please continue to upload pictures and videos of your adventures and work. If the children would like to 'show and tell' any of their important news you can add it to the portfolios and we can upload to the class page to share with all. 
Handwriting resources 
I apologise that these resources need to be printed - if you do not have a printed a piece of paper with lines on and an adult to model the first couple of letters would be just as effective when helping children develop their handwriting. 
There are resources for children who are 'printing' their letters and some for those who are ready and confident at cursive handwriting.