Year 1 - Pelican and Wagtail

Launde Primary School - Year 1


Welcome back to school and welcome to Year 1's page!

We are split into 2 classes - Pelicans (with Mrs Lawrence, Miss Bale, Miss Lunn and Mrs Powell) and Yellow Wagtails (with Miss West, Miss Ball and Mrs Reading).


 Spring 1!

Welcome to Spring 1!  We enjoyed a very successful Christmas half term exploring the Nativity and animals, using 'The Animal's Christmas'. We are very much looking forward to what this half term has in store!


Below, please find some key information for this half term:


Morning/afternoon drops offs and pick ups:

In Y1, our school day will now run from 9:00 - 3:00.  Children should enter and leave through the KS1 gate beside the BACS centre.  Parents may come onto the school playground but we ask that face masks are worn at all times. We also need to ensure that parents keep a safe distance from any other children and adults. Therefore, we encourage that children come into classrooms and cloakrooms by themselves.


School equipment needed from home:

Children may continue to bring a WM bookbag to school (not rucksacks).  Please remember, children should not be bringing pencil cases, toys, cards etc to school.  Please ensure children have an outdoor coat, wellies and PE kit in school at all times.


Class Dojo:

Class dojo remains an integral tool as a day to day communication line for staff and pupils with parents.  We will always aim to respond as soon as possible; with full time teaching commitments, we appreciate your patience and understanding.  We will use this platform as a way of sharing work and activities that the children have been doing and you may also wish to share weekly homework tasks or learning the children have completed at home, through your child's portfolio. 


Times Table Rock Stars & Numbots:

Your child will have come home with a Times Table Rock Stars/Numbots log in at the beginning of the year.  This can be found in their reading journals. I have included some information below to help you support your children on the game:

- The times tables set are 2s, 5s and 10s for all children (this is in line with what we cover in Year 1)

- The game will include both multiplication and division as it is important the children know both operations

-Please only play the 'Garage' games (Highlighted below), as this is the game controlled by the teacher, and will therefore only include 2s, 5s and 10s



Please continue reading with your child, we cannot stress how important reading is for them. Minimum 3 reads per week!

In Y1 reading becomes more of a comprehension. Here are some tips to help them become confident in comprehension work (very important for SATs in Year 2);

- Making predictions at the start of a new book/ chapter. Make sure they are able to explain their answer.

- Getting them to discuss what has just happened. Recall is very important. Remembering names, what has happened, where they are, what they are doing etc...

- General questioning of the vocabulary. The language will start to get trickier so discussing it with them will really help their understanding. Getting them to use a dictionary to look words up is really good too. One they are learning how to use a dictionary correctly (this is a requirement for the curriculum) and two they are learning to do their own research.

Please have a look at the website below to access online e books.  The books are designed to be appropriate according to age/reading abilities and join up is FREE!


Best wishes

Miss West & Mrs Lawrence

Our Learning this term - Toys Through Time
Dogger: Hughes, Shirley: 9781862308053: Books
Link to video of 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes -
 Our current class read aloud - 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl
Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl | 9780141365442. Buy Now at Daunt Books
You can watch Miss West read this on The Oak Partnership's YouTube Channel! Here is chapter one - don't forget to follow along with the words on screen -
Topic Overview:
In this unit, children will learn all about toys and how they have changed within and before living memory.  Children will explore physical objects, look at pictures and ask questions about toys, as well as using their knowledge to sort into groups (e.g. old and new) and order toys on a timeline. 
Ways to support at home:
Talk to parents/ guardians, older siblings or grandparents about toys they loved when they were their age
Research and write about a toy they got for Christmas, or one they would like
Draw their favourite toy and label it's parts, what it is made out of etc.
Design (and make) a toy, using household objects (like a sock puppet)
Design (and make) a board game for your family to play together! Don't forget to take turns!
Read some other  books  written by Shirley Hughes or Roald Dahl – such as the 'Alfie' books or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Practice forming letters correctly, starting and finishing each letter in the same place
Draw a picture and write a simple sentence to explain what’s happening – make sure you use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!
Make up some silly, nonsense words and try to read them
Borrow one of our phonics board games to play
Here is a list of useful websites specifically for KS1 children...
Maths: mobilePage/index.html


https:// resources/category/22/ most-popular

http:// resources 

CLL: mobilePage/literacy.html teach/ks1-english/z67ncqt go/videos-animations- stories-twinkl-go

https:// home.html

https:// 2020/03/12/free-reading- realm-home-learning-pack- nature-and-animals 


General: teach/primary/zd7p47h recipes/collection/kids- cooking

https:// recipes/collection/no- cook-kidshttps:// recipes/collection/kids- cooking

https:// recipes/collection/no- cook-kids geography-worksheets# 

https://www.britishscienceweek.or g/plan-your-activities/ activity-packs/ 

For more - please refer to the word below for a list of educational apps/resources specifically for KS1 children.