Places of Worship

At West Monkton, we take solace in the places where we are able to worship and reflect.

We enjoy using our hall to collectively worship, every day. On the occasions where we are unable to come together in the hall, we worship and reflect in our classrooms.

As a school, West Monkton is linked to the Church of St Augustine of Canterbury. The church is dedicated to St Augustine of Canterbury (Festival 26th May) and dates mostly from the Fifteenth Century but you can find clues as to the adaptions and changes that have been made over many centuries right up to the present time. The church is built on a site high above the lowlands and marshy areas of the River Tone, which passes through the parish at Bathpool.

We also enjoy visiting Bathpool Chapel and Pastor Naomi. The prayer garden is a particular highlight!

Over the course of the year, children from different year groups enjoy going to places of worship from other faiths...