An Introduction

We are the West Monkton C.E Primary School PTA. This article has been written to give you an idea of who we are, what we do, and how we raise funds for the school. We aim to set out all the information you would need about our Parent Teacher Association, which is an essential part of school life.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our committee members, ask via your class teacher, or find us on Facebook:  West Monkton PTA

Why do we have a PTA?

We are a group of parents and staff who want to help our school in a time of ever shrinking budgets, by providing those ‘extras’ that a school needs but rarely can afford. The PTA at West Monkton has been through extensive change, as the school has transitioned from a small village school of no more than 100 pupils, to the vast school we now have the luxury of enjoying, with over 400 pupils! With a growing site comes growing responsibility. We continue to do our best to help the school, by raising as much as we can. We are working together with the staff towards a common goal. Over the last few years alone, the PTA have donated nearly £2,000 per year towards the cost of class trips, as well as funding some much needed outdoor structures and shelter, which our wonderful larger site desperately needs.

Teachers and school staff are also welcome and encouraged to attend, as they have a first-hand knowledge and understanding of what the school ‘needs’.

Our meetings help us to direct the priorities of our PTA and help us ensure we utilise our funds to their full potential. We encourage all parents to get involved in helping, giving as much or as little time as you can spare. It all counts! Those who wish to take on a more ‘regular’ role can apply to be elected onto the Committee at our AGM.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held in October, at school, and is an open opportunity for anyone to come along and hear in more detail about the events run, the funds raised, and the way the money is spent. It allows new members to volunteer to take on a dedicated role should they wish.

How we raise money

The majority of our funds are raised through events such as the school disco (we usually hold one per term), movie nights, and Summer Fayre.

Donations for events such as the school Summer Fayre are extremely important, donations can come in the way of time, money, raffle items, or offers of certain skills or services.

The committee meet on a regular basis, usually once per half term, to discuss upcoming events, with various fundraisers happening each term. The added bonus of these meetings is that they are often held at The New Mill, it is a relaxed and informal setting and is a great way to socialise with other parents, without the children, while also addressing important issues for the school.

How we spend the money raised

Money raised at our events is banked into a dedicated account. We decide how to spend the money during our committee meetings, where decisions are taken and ratified. There are one off ‘big’ purchases, and our regular donations as well.

Each year, we contribute £100 to every class towards the cost of school trips, and also donate £500 to the Year 6 Leavers ‘fun’ trip. We have also had an important role in helping Father Christmas with his seasonal shopping!

Occasionally there will be items which the school staff also put forward, sometimes this will be as a result of the children asking for something through feedback discussions, or it may be an item identified by both parents and the school, such as new playground equipment.

How we get information to you

~ Items in the school newsletter
~ West Monkton PTA Facebook page
~ Fliers and posters on the school noticeboard (by the pedestrian gate)
~ ParentMail

How you can get involved

There are lots of ways you can be involved. Helping at events, or at other times of the year is the most valuable thing you can do. Even if you can only spare half an hour, it all adds up! There are always little jobs that can be done.

You can let us know if you have business contacts, or skills we can use.
What we really need, is people with enthusiasm and a willingness to help us make things better for all the children at the school.
If you can help, please let us know.

A warm welcome to our school, from all of the PTA Committee.