RE Overview

Teaching and Learning
We believe that the effectiveness of the religious education is outstanding. Children are enthusiastic learners in their RE.  

They are inspired to develop broad learning skills and attitudes that contribute to their overall progress and enjoyment of learning.  Teaching benefits from a clear whole school plan, with exemplified units of work, and a very good range of quality resources. The use of these is supporting high quality, effective teaching.

Teachers are enthusiastic about teaching RE and well planned lessons encourage the children to engage positively. This reflective review of achievement is maintaining high standards of teaching, where children are always challenged to achieve their highest standard. Overall, children make excellent progress in their RE work, with most children achieving at least average attainment when compared with good progress and learning in other areas.

Children confidently share their RE work, with a sense of pride in their learning and an eagerness to talk about their achievements. Their work demonstrates a variety of skills being used and a clear understanding of how religious activity reflects the different ways in which believers show their faith. Work in RE often includes time for reflection and an opportunity for a thoughtful response.   

Older children are challenged to think more deeply in their RE work and grapple with important issues and challenging questions. For example, Year 6 children explore the issue of whether just having things makes you happy, or whether deeper happiness is found in friendships, values and relationships, or in a personal faith. 

Work in RE allows children to appreciate faith and beliefs beyond the Christian faith, and has a positive impact on school behaviour and achievement, as well as helping children make their own faith choices. Enrichment weeks and experience days regularly include an RE focus and these special events provide challenge and support to children who speak very positively about their experiences.  

We outreach to other schools by being a leading light to our Year 6 pupils and inviting surrounding schools to join us on pilgrim days supported by local community organisations.