Year 3 - Peacock and Falcon

Hello all,


Welcome back to the start of our Summer Term! This half term, we have planned another 6 weeks of learning with our theme being 'World War 2 through the eyes of children'.  This will be supported in our Literacy work too.  The children will be introduced to the topic of World War 2, with a focus on evacuation from major cities into the rural countrysides. The use of maps and atlas to locate areas, and especially countries involved in the war, will be of importance this half term.  


As always, our main platform for communication with parents continues to be Class Dojo, so do use this to post messages to your child's teacher.  You can also continue to upload photos of your child's work through their Dojo portfolio.


School Day for Year 3:

Please note that our school day continues to run from  8:45 - 3:00.  Children should enter and leave through the KS1 gate.  Parents may come onto the school playground but we ask that face masks are worn at all times and you respect social distancing.


School equipment needed from home:

Children may continue to bring a WM bookbag to school (not rucksacks).  Please remember, children should not be bringing pencil cases, toys, cards etc to school.  Please ensure children have an outdoor coat and wellies in school at all times.  Now that the weather is warming up, we would also like children to bring in a sunhat and sun cream.  These can stay in school as long as they are labelled as this makes things easier.  

On PE days, children should continue to come to school dressed in kit.  For Year 3, PE days are Wednesdays.

As always, if there are any questions with anything, please do not hesitate in coming to ask us :)


Kind Regards

Mr Benbow/Mrs Lloyd

This half terms Jigsaw puzzle piece is 'Relationships'. 
This half term our puzzle piece is all about relationships. As with all the Year 3 pieces it focuses in on relationships the child has, including family, friends and people in the wider community. A big part of this unit will be spend comparing ones own life to other children's life locally, but also across the globe.

Overall Learning intention: I can identify the roles and responsibilities of each member of my family and can reflect on the expectations for males and females. I can explain how some of the actions and work of people around the world help and influence my life. I understand how my needs and rights are shared by children around the world and can identify how our lives may be different.


Key Vocabulary: Men, Women, Male, Female, Unisex, Responsibilities, Differences, Similarities, Respect Stereotype, Conflict, Solution, Social media, Private Messaging (PM), Gaming, Global, Interconnected, Trade, Inequality, Needs, Wants, Rights, Deprivation, United Nations, Equality, Justice, Appreciation 

Book focus and Class Read
This Half Term, we are using The Lion And The Unicorn by Shirley Hughes for our CLL work.
 The Lion and the Unicorn: Hughes, Shirley: Books
Our class read focuses on David Walliams for the start of the Half Term. However, as both classes started their particular class read last Half Term, we will change our focus once the current book has been completed.
David Walliams HQ (@davidwalliams) | Twitter
Don't forget to login regularly to TTRS where you can access set activities and also practice your SOUNDCHECK.  Aim to do a SOUNDCHECK every week.  How much can you improve your score each time?  Good luck!

Are you running out of reading books?

We've found that Harper Collins are offering parental access to their banded books for the children to read at home. Let us know how you get on!

Click on the Teacher portal and enter


Password:  Parents20!

And click Login

Please also have a look at the website below to access more free online e books.  The books are designed to be appropriate according to age/reading abilities.

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