Year 5 - Magpie and Buzzard

Welcome to our Year 5 class page and the start of a new school year! Mrs Ward and Mr Gibbs would like to welcome all children and parents/guardians to hopefully an uninterrupted school year. If you wish to contact us please go through Dojo first, or of course if there is any urgency, please email the school office, (details can be found on this website). 
  • Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover by Markus Motum
This term will have a science focus exploring our solar system.  We will investigate the solar system through the book, Curiosity, The Story of a Mars Rover, by Markus Motum, which will form a large part of our reading and writing learning, as well as science lessons for the next  7 weeks. 

Personal, Social, Health Education, will concentrate on Being Me! Lessons will look at children appreciating their own uniqueness and that of others. Also, developing strategies for managing the emotions relating to change. 

Key Vocabulary: 

Education; Appreciation;  Opportunities;  Goals;  Motivation;  Vision; Hopes;  Challenge; Rights Responsibilities;  Citizen;  Denied; Empathise;  Refugee;  Persecution;  Conflict;  Asylum;  Migrant; Poverty;  Choices. 

Home learning tasks are a vital way of children demonstrating their understanding of learning in the classroom, while at home. Please can all parents encourage their child to complete all weekly task on time, whether this is through Google Classrooms or handing-in a hard copy to the appropriate place in the classroom. Learning task issued on a Friday will need to be turned-in/handed-in by the following Thursday. TTRS and Reading tasks with Oxford Owl, through the relevant websites continues and details are found in your child's Learning Journal. Please ask your child for their Learning Journal on a regular basis for home learning details and websites login information. Parents, please sign the Learning Journal each week and acknowledge reading at home with your child.  


Any issues connecting or accessing these platforms, do let your child's teacher know.  We also welcome any feedback as we look to improve our systems so please do get in touch.  A copy of our Remote Learning Policy can be found on this website site.


Maybe you remember when a little robotic spacecraft landed on a far-off planet. On August 6, 2012, the rover Curiosity touched down on the rocky surface of Mars -- and now she's ready to guide you through her journey firsthand. From idea to creation and beyond, this fact-filled, stylish book introduces readers to Curiosity and her mission: to discover more about the red planet and search for evidence of life. How did Curiosity get her name? What tools does she use to carry out her tasks? In her own voice, the popular NASA rover tells how and why she traveled more than 350,000,000 miles to explore a planet no human has ever visited . . . and what she's been doing there.  Markus Motum brings Curiosity's story to life in vivid color: the deep blues of space set off the warm, rusted hues of Mars's dusty red surface, marking this lovable rover and her mission as something special -- truly a world apart.
Our Class Read.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked the mole.

“Kind,” said the boy.

Don't forget to login regularly to TTRS where you can access set activities and also practice your SOUNDCHECK.  Aim to do a SOUNDCHECK every week.  How much can you improve your score each time?  Good luck!
Please use Oxford Reading Buddy ( to read books and complete quizzes. We also have  several copies of the books at school if you'd prefer a physical copy. Don't forget that we aim to read the minimum of 15 mins every school day. Remember to share any books which you have loved with the rest of the class. 
Please have a look at the website below to access online e books.  The books are designed to be appropriate according to age/reading abilities and join up is FREE!