Year 5 - Magpie and Buzzard

Welcome to our Year 5 class page and to the start of the summer term! This term, we be exploring Saxon Briton through the eyes of Alfred The Great.  We will investigate what life was like as a Saxon through the fictional book, Freedom For Bron, by N. S. Blackman. Please see the attached details of lessons for this term below.  

Personal, Social, Health Education (Jigsaw), centres around Relationships. We will look into building self esteem while thinking about how we can do this for others. Also, we will suggest strategies for children to identify where online communities may become unsafe. Help children to build on existing strategies supporting them to recognise when gaming or chatting online feels risky or uncomfortable. 


Home learning tasks are a vital way of children demonstrating their understanding of learning in the classroom, while at home. Please can all parents encourage their child to complete all weekly task on time, whether this is through Google Classrooms or handing-in a hard copy to the appropriate place in the classroom. Learning task issued on a Friday will need to be turned-in/handed-in by the following Thursday. TTRS and Reading tasks with Oxford Owl, through the relevant websites continues and details are found in your child's Learning Journal. 


Any issues connecting or accessing these platforms, do let your child's teacher know.  We also welcome any feedback as we look to improve our systems so please do get in touch.  A copy of our Remote Learning Policy can be found on this website site.


 For this half-term, our main book focus will be:
 Freedom for Bron: The Boy Who Saved a Kingdom (History Adventures): N. S. Blackman: 9780993010576: Books
We will also be using the following books to support our learning:
 The Lost Child's Quest eBook: Haddell, James: Kindle Store
Alfred The Great & The Anglo-Saxons
An Anglo-Saxon village
Don't forget to login regularly to TTRS where you can access set activities and also practice your SOUNDCHECK.  Aim to do a SOUNDCHECK every week.  How much can you improve your score each time?  Good luck!
Please have a look at the website below to access online e books.  The books are designed to be appropriate according to age/reading abilities and join up is FREE!